I've been thinking about doing a post on this for a while and have finally got round to doing so. It recently occurred to me that crosses have become extremely popular this year and  I'm not sure why. I'm not sure about worldwide but over here in the UK people seem to be lapping it up like there's no tomorrow. I think it's a quite hard subject to talk about for me personally because people whether religious or not seem to be starting a new trend, there are people who are religious and think it's wrong for people who aren't to go around wearing crosses because to them a cross is very sacred and not supposed to be a fashion statement. I'm an atheist and I don't wear crosses just for the simple fact that I know people who are religious and will judge me saying how I shouldn't wear crosses because I'm not religious. I think it's your decision whether you want to wear anything with crosses on because you're your own person and you've got the freedom to decide for yourself I think I shouldn't be so afraid to wear crosses because It's my own choice. Obviously whether you're religious or not you respect everyone else's personal opinions. I just generally think that in months to come it'll be easier for people to wear crosses and not particularly be associated with trying to make a fashion statement. Of course this is my own personal opinion and everyone has their own views. Above I've just picked out a few items from websites that I think are stunning, I know there's always been a lot of accessories with crosses but I've lately been seeing lots of clothes with it too, I wonder what'll be next? 

What are your views on it?



What's your opinion?