OOTD: Sixth Form

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Hey Guys, 

The weather has been surprisingly beautiful today. I generally thought I was still sleeping when my Mum woke me up to the sun beaming on my face. I have to admit I am so not prepared in any kind of way for summer, I've got a lot of shopping to do. I had my usual Monday half day today and I went really casual into school. 

Headband: Primark £1
Lipstick: Rimmel London - 264 Coffee Shimmer £4-7ish (I think)
Moustache Top - Primark £3
Jeans - Store 21 (price not sure)
Trainer Pumps - Primark  £3

I hear it's set to rain for the rest of the week so no doubt I'll be wearing some pretty bland clothing this week. :( I can't wait for the sun to properly come out and I'll be able to wear summery things without being judged. ;) 

Have a super lovely week, despite the weather. 



Cutey Jewellery Review & Giveaway *CLOSED*

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Hey lovelies,

Over the last two months I'd been reading quite a lot of blog posts and one name that kept constantly popping up was cutey who are best known for their bracelets so... A few emails later and I was very kindly sent some bracelets which arrived extremely quickly. I've started to become madly in love with bracelets and something I love about cutey is the fact that you can literally wear their bracelets with any outfit and it will just automatically match. The bracelets are between £12.99-£14.99 which is such a good price for something of such high quality. It can be given to someone for a special occasion like a birthday or just a little pay day treat. ;) Cutey is a baby company who are just setting out in the world and I honestly just think everyone should check out their website and make a purchase whenever you can, plus they offer a full refund policy with a smile so you can't go wrong. Cutey are so passionate about the work they do and every bracelet is handled with care and really treated in the most amazing way. Please start supporting their amazing work and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter for fantastic updates and I know the future is looking very bright for cutey. :) 

^ My bracelet. 

^ The two for the giveaway.

I was given three bracelets which of one I'm keeping and I'm very excited that not ONE... But TWO of you lovely lot will win a cutey bracelet. Here are the rules:
- The competition is now open to anyone (you may enter even if you don't have a blogspot account)
- Follow me on GFC *optional*
- Follow @cutey OR like them on Facebook *optional*
- Leave either your email address OR twitter name so I can contact you if you win. 
- Leave a comment below to let me know you've entered. 

* Unfortunately this competition isn't international, UK only.*
Winners will be picked at random and announced on May 12th. 

Good luck and have a wonderful day. :) 



Top Five Nail Polish Wishlist

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Disco Mix - Models Own £5

Nails In Adrenalin - Topshop £6.00

Love Hearts Nail U & I - MUA £2.00 

Royal Arcade - Nails Inc £11.00

Teal Blue - Elf £1.50 

I'm really loving nail polish at the moment and I guess this is kind of a mental note as well as a post because I'm always forgetting which nail polishes I want to purchase. I think all the ones I've chosen are such reasonable prices which is very good for my bank card. ;) I'm really loving sparkly nail polish at the moment as well as nude colours too (even though I've not added any to my list) since summer is just around the corner. I want to start a big collection and really jazz up my nails weekly. I also want to purchase the Bourjois magic nail polish remover after reading so many good reviews on it and it's only £4.99 so I guess you can't go wrong. I think the five polishes I chose are really out there and eye catching. 

Have you purchased any nail polish recently or the Bourjois polish remover?



My Adele Inspired Dress Look

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I'm not quite sure why I didn't do this post months before but HEY HO, I'm doing it now. :) Back in November my sixth form had a Christmas party and I am  so not good at shopping for certain events because I just end up getting annoyed and getting a serious headache so I prefer to just buy like fancy going out clothes when I go shopping so If I'm heading to something last minute it's not too stressful... Anyway I couldn't go shopping until the day before the actual party so I just had to shop in Primark and after about five hours I decided on a very beautiful dress, I loved the dress more when my sister said it reminded her of something Adele would wear. 


I know you can't exactly see the bottom of both dresses but I know my dress the collar is the fanciest bit and the rest of the dress is just straight down black. I'm not sure about Adele's dress but I think it would most probably be the same. Both dresses aren't actually similar but you get my drift. 

Have you got any of the same dresses or similar to any celebrities?


Rimmel London; 264 Coffee Shimmer Review

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This is the first time I'm ever doing a post purely on one product. Last week my Mum practically gave me her Rimmel London lipstick but she says I am "looking after it for her." Yeah... She won't be getting it back any time soon. ;) 

I have the 264 Coffee Shimmer lipstick. It's great because it actually matches my skin tone quite well but it's just a little bit brighter. It seriously gives it such a great shimmer affect to the lips as it says in the name. 

I think my Mum said it was around £6.00-£8.00 something along the lines of that. Since being given it last week I've had it on my lips every single day. It's just perfect and when I next go shopping I'm definitely going to pick up another one so I'm sorted for a while. It's just a nice not over the top colour that you can have on all the time. I'm not sure if it's apart of the everlasting range but it surely does last a heck of a long time. I find that I have to put lip gloss on over lipstick that I have on but with this I've not had to do that at all. 
Here's a swatch of it on my hand, you can't exactly see it really well but you can just about make it out because it's quite shiny. 
(I know the picture quality of my lips is really bad but hopefully you can just about make out the lipstick.)

What was the last lipstick you purchased?




The Blog Of Beauty - Tag

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Hello lovelies,

I was tagged by the ever so lovely Nadia from http://dressingtabledelights.blogspot.co.uk/ make sure to check out her blog because it's literally full of the best posts. Thank you again Nadia for tagging me, I love taking part in a good tag. 


1) You must answer all 5 questions
2) You must tag 6 other beauty blogger's
3) You must link the blogger who tagged you in your post

The 5 questions:
1) What is your favourite part about blogging?
My favourite part about blogging definitely has to be making posts and having people give you such lovely feedback. It makes me feel great that blogging is something I love and there's millions of people on here to help me share my passion. I'd also have to say I love just being able to read other peoples posts and get tips from them and everyone is so kind and it's just really nice to be able to share advice on outfits and make up with other people and just generally take everything you've learnt into your life. Plus, people don't judge you on here which is awesome.

2) Is there something you dislike about blogging?
I've read quite a few answers to this question and generally everyone has said people not really seeming like they've read your post and just asking you to follow them back but I guess mine would be the same as well. It's like it takes time and effort to make posts and of course it's something that you love but it would be nice if people who read it really appreciate it and don't just go looking for more followers. I'd also say even though I've never experienced it yet but negative comments, there's nothing better than having constructive comments but I think sometimes people need to learn the difference and know that some words they say can really affect other people.  

3) What are your favourite types of posts to read?
My favourite types of posts to read would have to be just like tips and advice on little things so that you can really take them on board. I also love just outfit of the days and make up posts. I have to say as well I like reading tags that really make you get to know the blogger. 

4) What's your favourite post from your own blog?
I think I've learnt so many things from when I first started my blog and I'd hope that it shows that my blog is getting stronger and better with every post. I think my favourite one would probably be my most recent one about the peach midi dress from Miss Selfridge and they both got really good feedback from readers.

5) Which beauty product do you want to purchase due to reading another persons blog?
Probably MAC lipstick, Models Own nail varnish OR Topshop nail varnish.. I see these three things being posted about on a daily basis and the reviews on them are outstanding so I know when I do get round to purchasing them they'll have been worth the wait.

I tag:
6.) Juliet from - http://beautybuyjuliet.blogspot.co.uk/
7.) Flozey from - http://grammysandgoldchains.blogspot.co.uk/

*Yes, I know it says tag 6 people but I had to add an extra one because I'm awesome*

Thanks again for tagging me Nadia. Also, thank you to everyone for the lovely comments over the past few weeks. 



Prom The Second Time Round

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I previously did a Prom Wishlist where I talked about my prom last year and not liking my dress but I'm so determined this year to find that perfect dress I'll be confident in and I'm super happy to have found a possible dress that fits those requirements. I literally fell into PEACH HEAVEN when I saw a picture of Lydia Rose Bright from The Only Way Is Essex  wearing this gorgeous peach midi dress from Miss Selfridge.

I'm obviously choosing to wear this dress to a year 12/13 prom and I know the majority of dresses will be revealing but I'm not sure I can get away with showing my bum cheeks off and having to face up to my Media teachers the next week. I'm not sure where I saw it but I found a picture of a woman who had the exact same dress but unlike Lydia she chose to wear it with a peach  bodycon skirt underneath and it looked absolutely fantastic so I've opted for that option instead. 

I'm still not decided on accessories or shoes yet but I know that the dress isn't bland but I think I need to wear a necklace that makes a really big fashions statement and is really out there. 

If you know where to get any big necklaces please let me know where below? Also, have you got a dress for prom or an upcoming event?



Wedges Don't Fail Me Now

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                                           Poula Suede Platform Wedge Boots - Missguided £29.99

Hello my fellow bloggers,

Is it possible to be in love with something that you don't even own? YES.. Yes it is possible. I own 3 pairs of high heels and wedges... It's definitely time for that to change. Over the past few weeks I've noticed myself falling more & more in love with different types of wedges. Since I'm a wedges virgin.. I think my virginity should of course be taken by a simple black pair. Even thought I don't own any wedges I've tried on a pair of my sisters and literally have fallen in LOVE... They're so comfortable and to be honest I think maybe better than high heels.   

               Have you got any wedges? if so how many pairs do you own?




Day Off & Jason Segel

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I went back to sixth form yesterday (not good for my body clock since I've been going to bed at 6am for the past 2 weeks) I didn't feel good this morning so I've not gone in today. I've got like a bundle of work due in for the end of the week so I'll be doing that for that the day. Anyway, my morning has started off with a very yummy sandwich toastie and a banana. Sandwich's are just great. I know I'll be watching way too many episodes of How I Met Your Mother. 

How's your day going? anything nice planned? 

I'll leave you with a picture of my future husband to be Jason Segel. :)



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                Versatile Blogger Award 

Thank you to my lovely twin sister Ally for nominating me for a versatile award. I know she's helped me big time with the way my blogs been set out to the music player. I know it's rarely ;) but Ally says she likes certain posts I've made and it just generally makes me happy.. *soppy*

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.
2. Let them know that you have nominated them.
3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4. Thank the bloggers that have nominated you.
5. Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your blog post.

                                                    My 7 Random Facts:

   * I'm a twin. (obviously you all ready knew that)
   * I love cats so much especially my cat Bella, I hope that my future boyfriend likes cats. (that's if I ever get a boyfriend*
* I'm honestly addicted to Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavor.
* I have size 7/8 feet *If I was a boy that would be great, but I'm not so...*
* I love family & friends so much, without them I'd be nothing. 
* I get inspired by films a lot (for instance if I watch a film where the girl tells the guy that she's secretly been crushing on him for ages, I think it's acceptable to do the same... It's clearly not a good idea in some cases)
* I once chipped my tooth eating toffee popcorn & I once fell up the stairs and ended up going to the hospital with a sprained leg. (Clumsy? I think so)

                                            Who I nominate: 

- The first person I nominate is Ally (yes my twin sister, but not because of that) She's so creative from the way  she sets out her blog to the posts she creates. She's just got so much great things to share. 

- The second person I'm nominating is Lizzie because I think she was one of the first people I followed on here, I love the style of her blog and all her outfit of the days she's done. I think she really inspired me to try to make my blog really good.

- The third person I nominate is Nadia because she's honestly been so lovely to me always giving me great feedback on my posts and in fact she was the first ever person to comment on one of my posts. I really look up to her because literally everything she posts is fantastic. 

- The fourth person I nominate is Rachel we've spoken a little bit but not that much and she's honestly so lovely. She's literally got only a few posts because she's new to blogger but the quality of the pictures and the way she writes is just up to such a high standard. I've been on blogger for maybe 2 months now and my blog hasn't even reached her level yet. Amazing.  

- The fifth person I nominate is Jessie her blog is literally incredible. Being the same age as each other is great because she says things that I take on board like maybe an outfit she might wear to sixth form then when I go shopping I try to take on board what she's said.

- The sixth person I nominate is Emily I followed her from watching her YouTube videos, I think she's inspired me so much because she was like the first person I followed. She is so down to earth and is just a generally lovely person. Her posts are so great and she definitely needs more recognition.

- The seventh person I nominate is Ellie (yes, I've known her for nearly three years but not because of that) I'd always wanted to have a blog but never really had the confidence in myself to create one, I looked at Ellie as my inspiration literally without her I wouldn't have created this. I love everything she posts and just know that if she wants to peruse this as a career she'd be fabulous at it. 

- The eighth person I nominate is Juliet (yes, another one of my amazing friends but not for that) She's literally got so many creative ideas up her sleeves, I'm proper glad she has a blog now and literally everything she's been posting has been on top form. I cannot wait to see what else she brings to the table.. Or to my dashboard. ;) 

- The ninth person I nominate is Zainab (close friend from school, again not for that reason) We both kind of want to go into the same field of work when we leave school, we both thought about creating blogs roughly around the same time and it's so awesome to see how far she's come along. I know the future is very bright for her. 

- The tenth person I nominate is Shekinah (another close friend, think you're getting the fact it's not for that reason) I envy her in such a good way, she's such a style icon to me and a blog is the best thing possible for her to be honest. She needs the world to see her creative talents.

- The eleventh and final person I nominate is Raffaella (another one of my home girls, clearly not for that reason) She's literally really new to blogger, she is like a style guru and when she turns up to sixth form jaws literally drop because her sense of fashion is too much for everyone to handle. Her blog is already looking amazing and I can't wait to see what she has to bring next.    

(I know I only picked eleven people but I don't really follow much people so sorry about that. A few people I nominate probably are't that new but they're new to me so therefore that's why I picked them.)

Just a quick remind: My giveaway ends on Saturday so make sure you enter here http://vanzthemachinee.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/mua-collection-2000-giveaway.html and thanks to those who take time out to read my blog posts, seriously appreciated. :)





Michelle Keegan; Get The Look!

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Untitled #2

Cotton tee
£28 - Topshop.com

£25 - Missguided.co.uk

High wedge
£32 - Asos.com

Antique gold jewelry
£12 - DollyBowBow.co.uk

Silver Plated Spring Hoop Earrings - Select Fashion
£1.99 - Selectfashion.co.uk

Michelle Keegan is such a big style inspiration to me, there was something I really loved about this casual lunchtime outfit.I don't love anything better than seeing an outfit you love and finding similar items that are super affordable. With spring/summer coming up I think this is a great outfit because It's not too much, it's just right. All items I've chosen I think are such a bargain.

                            Who is your celebrity style icon?




Lana Del Rey; Steal Her Style

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Last month the stunning American singer Lana Del Rey was spotted leaving a Guns N Roses concert in LA.     

Recreate her style with this Navy Shelley Draped Cardigan - £9.99 Missguided 

She then took her cardigan off to reveal a cropped top paired with some flattering jeans.

Monster Sleeveless Crop By Illustrated People - £30.00 Topshop
River Island Light Wash Skinny Jean - £40.00 ASOS 
Finally Lana topped off her outfit with a pair of navy converses. Recreate it with these bad boys. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Core Hi-Top Trainers, Navy - £24-£43 John Lewis 

I'm a big fan of Lana Del Rey so thought this would be a great post. Obviously you can recreate her outfit with much cheaper clothes but thought the ones that I picked out were quite alright If you don't mind the items being a little bit pricey. Concerts are one of the number one things that I like to go to and I know a lot of other people do too. 

Will you consider recreating this style?



Blog giveaway ends soon

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Hello lovely bloggers,

I'm excited for my giveaway to come to an end and for one of you lovely lot to win a few goodies. I haven't been blogging for that long but I'm so glad people are entering, I've nearly reached 1,000 blog views so I really want to do something exciting when I reach that number... Maybe another giveaway? 

Remember I'm giving away:
- MUA - Shade 16 - Pearl eyeshadow.
- MUA - Shade 1 Blusher
Collection 2000 - Hot Looks Lemon Soda Nail Polish 


To be in the chance of winning either tweet this message on twitter "I have entered @vanzthemachine's blog giveaway at http://vanzthemachinee.blogspot.co.uk/" OR if you don't have twitter simply comment below with your email address. 

If you don't have twitter comment on the original post here: http://vanzthemachinee.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/mua-collection-2000-giveaway.html

Good luck. :)



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I've been thinking about doing a post on this for a while and have finally got round to doing so. It recently occurred to me that crosses have become extremely popular this year and  I'm not sure why. I'm not sure about worldwide but over here in the UK people seem to be lapping it up like there's no tomorrow. I think it's a quite hard subject to talk about for me personally because people whether religious or not seem to be starting a new trend, there are people who are religious and think it's wrong for people who aren't to go around wearing crosses because to them a cross is very sacred and not supposed to be a fashion statement. I'm an atheist and I don't wear crosses just for the simple fact that I know people who are religious and will judge me saying how I shouldn't wear crosses because I'm not religious. I think it's your decision whether you want to wear anything with crosses on because you're your own person and you've got the freedom to decide for yourself I think I shouldn't be so afraid to wear crosses because It's my own choice. Obviously whether you're religious or not you respect everyone else's personal opinions. I just generally think that in months to come it'll be easier for people to wear crosses and not particularly be associated with trying to make a fashion statement. Of course this is my own personal opinion and everyone has their own views. Above I've just picked out a few items from websites that I think are stunning, I know there's always been a lot of accessories with crosses but I've lately been seeing lots of clothes with it too, I wonder what'll be next? 

What are your views on it?