Trashy Doll Review

                                              Trashy Doll & a 10% discount 

I've gained quite an unhealthy obsession with little boutiques and different types of accessories lately, I'm very pleased to have been searching around and come across one of the most creative and delicious jewellery websites EVER. (Oh, did I forget to mention that most of it is HANDMADE?) Trashy Doll is a mixture of vintage and retro accessories that'll look great with whatever you wear. Everything on the site is super affordable too, which is always a plus. I have to warn you though it's literally mouth watering to look at, remember for wearing not for eating. ;)   

Below are a few of my favourite items from the site:

Bronze Vintage Camera Ring - 
Red Apple Core Necklace - £6.50

Strawberry Icecream Studs £3.50

Mini Rocking Horse Necklace - £4.50

Dolly Mixture Bracelet - £6.00

I've been lucky enough again to be able to get anyone reading this a 10% discount code on the website, when online if you use this code " TRASHYDOLL10"    You'll get some money off your order. 

I hope you all once again enjoy the code and get some amazing bits online. Make sure to check out their website and let me know if you do order anything online. 


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