Rings & Tings and a 10% discount on me... from them!

On one of my other posts I got a comment asking if I'd checked out Rings & Tings. I'd never heard of it but after a quick Google search I was starring at a site of pure beauty.

Rings & Tings is inspired by the streets of London. It's like a little cute boutique, but yet super affordable.. so you won't have a crying purse by the end of making all of your purchases
(we've all been there!)

Everyone behind Rings & Tings are absolutely fabulous. All of their stock on the site are like little different fashion statements, which is something that I really love. There's nothing better than wearing something that best describes you while makes a statement.

Having just celebrated my 17th on Monday, I knew that once I had my birthday money I'd be on the site. I've just ordered these five beautiful black crystal rings and I cannot wait for them to be delivered. As soon as they arrive I'll be back on the blogging and telling you just how amazing they fit. ;)

Everyone has different style and taste and Rings & Tings really do help you to be yourself. Make sure you check out the website, because you never know, you might find something you like (which is 99.9% true, most of the time!)

Here's a few other items that I really like from the site... 

(WARNING : There's a very good chance that you will collapse from the amazing prices!)

Long Tribal Ring - £4.50


                                                                                                                                 Finger Chain Bracelet - £4

Owl Earring - £3

Double Finger Moustache ring - £3.50

Double Finger Love Ring - £3

AND because the staff at Rings & Tings are ever-so lovely, they've given me a 10% discount coupon code.  If you want to purchase something for yourself, or your friend, or you know a friend who want to purchase something, or maybe for her friend... and so on... then give them this code when ordering online "vans10" and they will get a 10% discount and be spending basically no money at all! (The expire date for the code is March 27th 2012, so hurry before it's too late!) 

Once my rings come I'll have a new post up. If any of you do buy anything off the website or have any questions let me know. :) 

PS. keep your eyes peeled as Rings & Tings have new items being added onto the site very soon.


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