Inspiring outfit!

I've become quite fashion inspired this weekend, a few weeks ago I started following more bloggers, and yesterday I watched one of the bloggers videos on youtube and it was of her 'Collection Haul' for those who don't know what that is (Don't worry, I totally wasn't in the loop until yesterday) its where you make a video of the things you purchased while shopping in different shops and a 'mini collection haul' is where you buy a few things from only one shop. I've pretty much spent my weekend watching them getting inspired by the amazing clothes people own.. SO I decided that I'd make a little 'inspiration outfit' just so whenever you go shopping you can kind of know good things to buy.

This is a beautiful kind of nude shaded top, its a great
neppy vest good for spring/summer time. Its the type of top that will go with anything whether that's short, leggings and I'd recommend definitely trying it with a bodycon skirt. If you love over size tee's this top is a great pick. The cross really compliments it too.

Shop: New Look
Price: £9.99

This is one of the most amazing blazers I've seen in a long time, it’s something you could either wear to make a quite dressy outfit look a little bit casual or the other way around a dressy outfit look a bit more casual. I really love how the two bits at the front kind of like fold in together in a swirly kind of way.

Shop: New Look

Price: £24.99

Celebrity Stud Studded Bottom Duffel Tote

These bags are one of the greatest things to be made... EVER thousands of celebrity’s around the world all have these handbags; there are so many clothes to choose from so you aren’t limited. It’s a leather type material with amazing gold studs covered on the bottom. The actual bags are really quite pricey so if you don’t want to spend that much definitely go onto eBay and find a cheaper version which I’m guessing isn’t made from the same designer. I know these will definitely be big for spring/summer.

Shop: EBay

Price: £24.99

Missguided have really outdone themselves with this amazing light nude pink nail polish, this is definitely so worth the price and this isn’t just the only colour there are quite a few others to choose from. The great thing about this nail polish is you don’t need to keep coating it and you don’t need too be good at painting them either because it just gives off this really professional look. Looks great and is definitely worth the price.

Shop: Missguided

Price: £5.00

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