Elf - Mint Cream
Over the past few weeks I've watched what seems like thousands of collection hauls and reviews of different products, through watching all of these videos one name that came up quite alot was ELF cosmetics so on Wednesday night I decided to order some nail polish from them AND can I just say how cheap it is on their site, everything ranges from £1.50 + I was originally looking for a teal colour but unfortunately they were all sold out so I ordered a nice Minty green colour. Delivery takes between 1-5 days and my order came on the first day so I was very pleased with that. 

My package came today, the boxing is so exciting and big for such a little bottle of nail polish. 

The colour is fantastically beautiful. I can't express how much I'm in love with it and I got so much comments today from people telling me they loved the colour. I would honestly recommend Elf to anyone because you can't ask for anything better, delivery is fast and it's super cheap.  

I chose this colour because it was sort of the next colour to Teal. I know pastel colours will definitely be in this summer so I know I'll be ordering not just this colour again but many others.  

Make sure you check out their website and make a purchase. http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk/ < Also, check out their website this weekend as they're doing free standard delivery and shipping on orders over £10 with the code "POPSHIPUK

Have a great weekend, Vanese 

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