Candy Nails & Sparkly Rings

Candy Nails

I put up a post a few days ago (two posts ago from this) about Elf's Mint Cream nail varnish and how I was so delighted with not just the colour but also the delivery too. I wanted to continue having it on my nails this week as I thought it was such a great spring/summer nail varnish to have on, so my twin sister Ally was ever so kindly enough to paint my nails and kind of jazz them up for me as well. I also ordered some amazing rings from a site called Rings & Tings which I'm so excited to talk about. 

                                                                              Barry M's Peach Melba

As I said before I knew I wanted to change up my nails and the new Barry M nail varnish 'Peach Melba' is fantastic. I've seen alot of blog posts recently with people doing reviews on it and everyone generally seems to agree that it's great. It's a nice pastel pink colour ready for spring/summer. 

As you can see from my pictures (sorry for the poor lighting.) I used a mixture of each colours and now keep calling them 'Candy Nails' because they just remind me of the colours of candyfloss. When applying the polish Ally used about three coats on each finger and finished them off by using Barry M's base and top coat, I've never used a base or top coat on my nails and it's honestly such a good product I'll be ordering more in the future and it totally helps it not to chip. Having just celebrated my birthday my lovely friend Sian bought me & Ally two amazing Barry M nail polishes which are 'Pink Flamingo' and 'Raspberry' I can't wait to talk about those two very soon. 

                                                 Sparkly Rings 

I've already posted about Rings & Ting's before (4 posts ago) and was so delighted to have finally ordered from their website. Delivery most definitley wasn't long at all. It was meant to take 1-5 days's to arrive and arrived on the first day which I was pleasantly pleased with. I'm honestly so pleased with my rings BUT the only thing I have to say is that I was super gutted I didn't check my ring size before ordering because some of the rings were too small on my fingers. 

LUCKILY all the rings do fit somewhere on my fingers and I kind of tried to make like a knuckle ring and I personally love it. I know I will be ordering from their website again and they don't just do jewellery but they do clothing & bags too. I think you should all order from them AND make sure you check your ring size before purchasing any rings.                                                                              


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