Birthday Haul!

As some of you may know, today (Monday March
19th) is mine and my twin sister Ally's 17th birthday, we went out for a birthday meal on Friday 16th at Nandos and we are so thankful to have celebrated it with some amazing friends and even others who couldn't make it still made it such a special night for us. Here is a little haul of the gifts and amazing cards we got from some friends. (Ps. I'm sorry for the poor quality camera the
pictures were taken from.)

The first thing I got were these two amazing bracelets from my amazing friend Raffaella, the first one is a white double row bracelet with a sort of rope material, it's so comfortable and will just generally look good with whatever outfit you pair it with. The second thing I got was this charm bracelet, I adore it so much because I was going to get one a few weeks back but didn't and I'm so glad I didn't because this one is so adorable, the charm is of a little poodle and I'm so excited to start collecting more charms and filling up. I just had to put the gift bag on here too, yellow is one of my all time favourite colours and its just so cute, I love my card too as 'cuppiecake' is my nickname from Raffaella and the card just matches my nickname.
Thank you Raffaella. x

Next I got a goody bag filled with amazing gifts from my lovely friend Jules, I love the detailing on the gift bag, the stars just give it that little cute touch. I thought the card Jules got me was HILARIOUS.. My sister Ally got the cutest card with a kitten on the front and I get a monkey.. (I know right, what is she implying? HA) the inside was great too, lots of pictures of monkeys all over the place. I'm more of a person for showers but from time to time do love a good bath and doing nothing better than relaxing, so the Radox was so well needed.. I honestly cannot wait try it out. She also added incense sticks which are so great for
giving your house that homely feel, I've already tried one out and I've got to say it ruled so much. Before it even hit my birthday I'd been banging on about how I was craving chocolate, I was lucky enough to be treated to two bars of Lindt and I've got to say they were fab. After clearly being treated ever so kindly, I was STILL treated to even more chocolate and sweets, unfortunately for my sister who is a veggie she can't eat those sweets so I get to scoff my face with these bad boys (Not that I was complaining.)
Thank you Jules. x

I was very pleased with what my really good friend Sarah got me. Something that I loved was that the card hadn't been filled out yet but me and Ally told Sarah not to fill it out because there was something so special about the card being blank, I know that'll probably sound really weird but it's like just her being there and a blank card really made it even more special. I also loved the bottle of wine we were treated to, only being 17 I'm not exactly a big drinker and I only drink alcohol really on special occasions, obviously being my birthday It was such a great touch and was so tasteful.
Thank you Sarah. x

One of my best friends Katia got me some beautiful little bits. The design on the gift bag is so adorable, I think it's a Me To You Bear (not quite sure) but all I know is it's super cute. She didn't even ask what my favourite colour was and yet she still got it right (even though that's what best friends should know already) I love how the bracelet and earrings match together and the purple is just perfect. I can't wait for a special occasion to come up where I'll be wearing these beautiful accessories.
Thank you Katia. x

I was so grateful for the amazing cards I received from my friends Emily, Dominic & Sian. I loved the first one because the little rabbit on the front is adorable and not only that upon opening up the card a little message written from Emily dropped out, the things written are such personal memories to the both of us and that was honestly better than anything else she could of got me and it's something I know I'll treasure forever. My second card was from my lovely friend Dominic, the card had two of my favourite colours on it purple and pink and the message inside was so great, what made it better is that I hadn't seen him in ages so it was amazing. My final card was from my spine tingling funny friend Sian, the detail on the front with butterflies was so beautiful, it reminded The Wanted's single 'Gold Forever' which is both our favourite band and I'm not even sure if she intended to pick it up for that reason, one of the best cards I've ever received. I was lucky enough to also be sent a free chicken cheque from Nandos (they're such a lovely team of people) I can't wait for me and Ally to head down to Nandos and claim it and I'm sure it'll be super tasty.

I just want to say thank you to my amazing friends + family for me & Ally's gift's and money. I've also got a few more presents to post about and I've done some birthday shopping and I'm still in the process of buying lots of new things, so expect to see more weekly posts from me.

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