So... when is it time for the posters to come down?!

POSTERS we all have/had them at some point in our life (unless our parents are super strict) but have you ever really thought about when the best time to take them down is? nowadays everyone has posters on their wall, whether that being a picture of Justin Bieber (guilty) or won of your favourite artists, we've all had them at some point.

At around 7 I remember me and all of my friends having posters of Mcfly & Busted carefully pinned to our walls (thanks, Mum) then being around 12/13 going through that 'I'M SO BIG, I'LL BUY A MAGAZINE' faze.. Seeing a random picture of a rapper or someone and putting it up on your wall.. Yet not knowing who that rapper was just because it looked 'cool' on your wall. (admit it, we all did it)

something that I guess has only started happening these past few years is that you kind of grow out of the faze of posters and just stick up snazzy pictures of you and your friends on a night out.

Not only that but some of our favourite quotes and inspirations can
just help us through a day, putting up things that you love on your wall can
not only motivate a person but also make them feel so much better.

We can always just have posters up for some eye candy to look at (no harm in
that, right?) there definitely always is that tense moment in the morning getting changed and catching Harry Styles giving you the eye.

What's your opinion?