Summer 12 trends!

I know for me.. and probably many others, summertime is probably our favourite time of the year and why wouldn't it be?

You're off on your travels, spending if not everyday but the majority of your days with friends and probably the best thing of all.. FASHION TRENDS. Over the past years we've seen trends such as 'checked shirts' and 'floral' take over the world. I guess it's strange because these trends just come from nowhere and then all of a sudden ..BOOM.. you find yourself in the Topshop queue with the latest trends in your basket! (okay... we know we put it there!)

Let's take patterned leggings for example, they've become the latest fashion craze in the UK, every street corner you look down you're most likely to see a bunch of girls rocking a pair of these bad boys.

Celebrity icons such as Cheryl Cole and Beyonce have been spotted rocking it out in their leggings.

< Here's a picture of Cara working a pair of patterned leggings, which look similar to Cheryl Cole's pair. These definitely are the new teenage fashion craze.

And on the right is a picture of Emily, funnily
enough these leggings look exactly like Cara and Cheryl's leggings! so much detail goes into these leggings and there is such a variety to choose from, and the great thing about them is that you can practically style them with anything. (yes, even that hideous jumper Grandma got you last winter)

In my next post I'll include a few top trends I think will be big this summer, plus great places to buy them.

What's your opinion?