Jeffrey Campbell Lita's galore!

Jeffrey Campbell has gracefully pleased us with his many styles of the Lita boots. Having just been out for a little over a year, the boots seem to be getting more known each day.

The boots first came out in 2010 and have even managed to appear in New York’s fashion week. A huge number of celebrities are now wearing the boots, including; Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson and yummy Mummy Jessica Alba.

I know for the majority of us (definitely including me) just search online like lunatics looking for each of the different shoe styles, wishing we could press that checkout button... but we never do! the Lita boots are quite pricey, varying from around £120-£200 but come on, they’re worth it!

Lita’s are great for all occasions, whether you’re off to see your favourite band at the 02 arena or just doing a spot of shopping on Oxford Street. The great thing about the boots is you don’t have to just wear them on fancy occasions, they’re great for all the casual things too. Whether you save up your pocket money or get a part time job on the side to fund for you to buy them, in the end it’ll totally be worth it.

So who knows what’s to come this year for Lita's, whether the queen will be wearing a pair, we just don’t know! The future looks bright.

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