So... when is it time for the posters to come down?!

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POSTERS we all have/had them at some point in our life (unless our parents are super strict) but have you ever really thought about when the best time to take them down is? nowadays everyone has posters on their wall, whether that being a picture of Justin Bieber (guilty) or won of your favourite artists, we've all had them at some point.

At around 7 I remember me and all of my friends having posters of Mcfly & Busted carefully pinned to our walls (thanks, Mum) then being around 12/13 going through that 'I'M SO BIG, I'LL BUY A MAGAZINE' faze.. Seeing a random picture of a rapper or someone and putting it up on your wall.. Yet not knowing who that rapper was just because it looked 'cool' on your wall. (admit it, we all did it)

something that I guess has only started happening these past few years is that you kind of grow out of the faze of posters and just stick up snazzy pictures of you and your friends on a night out.

Not only that but some of our favourite quotes and inspirations can
just help us through a day, putting up things that you love on your wall can
not only motivate a person but also make them feel so much better.

We can always just have posters up for some eye candy to look at (no harm in
that, right?) there definitely always is that tense moment in the morning getting changed and catching Harry Styles giving you the eye.


Trends for the summer!

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Summer 12 trends!

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I know for me.. and probably many others, summertime is probably our favourite time of the year and why wouldn't it be?

You're off on your travels, spending if not everyday but the majority of your days with friends and probably the best thing of all.. FASHION TRENDS. Over the past years we've seen trends such as 'checked shirts' and 'floral' take over the world. I guess it's strange because these trends just come from nowhere and then all of a sudden ..BOOM.. you find yourself in the Topshop queue with the latest trends in your basket! (okay... we know we put it there!)

Let's take patterned leggings for example, they've become the latest fashion craze in the UK, every street corner you look down you're most likely to see a bunch of girls rocking a pair of these bad boys.

Celebrity icons such as Cheryl Cole and Beyonce have been spotted rocking it out in their leggings.

< Here's a picture of Cara working a pair of patterned leggings, which look similar to Cheryl Cole's pair. These definitely are the new teenage fashion craze.

And on the right is a picture of Emily, funnily
enough these leggings look exactly like Cara and Cheryl's leggings! so much detail goes into these leggings and there is such a variety to choose from, and the great thing about them is that you can practically style them with anything. (yes, even that hideous jumper Grandma got you last winter)

In my next post I'll include a few top trends I think will be big this summer, plus great places to buy them.


Jeffrey Campbell Lita's galore!

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Jeffrey Campbell has gracefully pleased us with his many styles of the Lita boots. Having just been out for a little over a year, the boots seem to be getting more known each day.

The boots first came out in 2010 and have even managed to appear in New York’s fashion week. A huge number of celebrities are now wearing the boots, including; Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson and yummy Mummy Jessica Alba.

I know for the majority of us (definitely including me) just search online like lunatics looking for each of the different shoe styles, wishing we could press that checkout button... but we never do! the Lita boots are quite pricey, varying from around £120-£200 but come on, they’re worth it!

Lita’s are great for all occasions, whether you’re off to see your favourite band at the 02 arena or just doing a spot of shopping on Oxford Street. The great thing about the boots is you don’t have to just wear them on fancy occasions, they’re great for all the casual things too. Whether you save up your pocket money or get a part time job on the side to fund for you to buy them, in the end it’ll totally be worth it.

So who knows what’s to come this year for Lita's, whether the queen will be wearing a pair, we just don’t know! The future looks bright.

The Brit Awards 2012!

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The Brit Awards 2012 was such a star studded event, the award show was hosted by the magnificent James Corden. The females really took to the ceremony this year, looking stunning.

Full list of the nights winners:

British Female Solo Artist - Adele
British Male Solo Artist - Ed Sheeran
British Group - Coldplay
British Breakthrough Act - Ed Sheeran
Mastercard British Album of the Year - 21 by Adele
International Group - Foo Fighters
British Single - What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
International Male Solo Artist - Bruno Mars
International Female Solo Artist - Rihanna
International Breakthrough Act - Lana Del Rey
Outstanding Contribution - Blur
Not only were the celebs looking amazing, the performances were out of this world too from the likes of Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Olly Murs ft Rizzle Kicks performing. Opening the show winners of the night Coldplay took to the stage first performing the brand new single 'Charlie Brown' which really got the room pumped for what was to come of the night.
The night was a success and everything ran smoothly excluding a few members of the audience walking in front of the camera while filming and Adele's speech being cut short I've got to say she really stole the show, scooping the most awards as well as Ed Sheeran her performance was breathtaking as ever and she just looked so glamorous.

The men also looked very sharp.


Top two musicians to look out for in 2012!

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Anna Marie Iannitelli or better known as Avery the 17 year old YouTube sensation from the United States first properly rose to fame in 2010 with her first single “Love Me or Let Me Go” with now over 5 million views on YouTube she’s sung with the likes of Iyaz and Jordin Sparks and not to mention met JUSTIN BIEBER *passes out* I’m pretty sure everyone wishes they were her. In November 2011 she announced her signing to Island Def Jam. Could 2012 be the year of Avery?

Gabrielle Aplin

With a top 10 album currently on iTunes AND Emeli Sande a fan of her new single “HOME.” Yes, I repeat EMELI SANDE you definitely cannot afford to not know who Gabrielle Aplin is, staring up on YouTube on July 16th 2008 with her own rendition of Paramore’s - My Heart. She’s already supported Matt Cardle on one of his shows and has even played Glastonbury. She’s currently embarking on yet another fantastic tour in the following places: Cardiff, Portsmouth, Glasgow, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, London, Dublin and Belfast. 2012 is already set to be a brilliant year for the 19 year old from Bath. The singer has also just finished up supporting Gotye on his Europeon tour dates.