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                                                                         Hey lovelies,
Can you believe that the new year is just a few days away? seriously where has this year gone, haha. Me & Ally came up with an idea that it would be really nice to make up our own tag with questions about our experience blogging this year that everyone can take part in it.

                                          1.) How many posts did you write in 2012?
I've written 166 but that'll probably change to 170 or a little less as it isn't quite the end of the year yet and I've still got some more posts lined up. I haven't even been blogging for a year yet and I think it's crazy how I've written 166 different posts. Back in school I'd never be able to write this much but I just love blogging too much, haha.

2.) What post are you most proud of?

I am really proud of pretty much every post I've written so, it was quite hard to choose as each post is quite different but I think one of my favourites definitely has to be this outfit of the day post from back in May, I think it was possibly my first ever outfit post? I just really loved it because it features one of my favourite dresses and reminds me of some good times/summer. The post got some really good feedback which was awesome too. 

3.) Has blogging changed you this year? 
I do think that blogging has changed me this year, I think it has really brought out my creative side and has me doing things that I would normally be too shy to do such as taking pictures for my blog while people stare at me and meeting new people such as other bloggers and becoming really good friends with them, before I'd definitely have been too shy to talk to new people. I really do think blogging has brought out a good side of me. *Not that I wasn't good before. ;)*

4.) What do you hope your blog is like in 2013?
In 2013 I want my blog to be filled with loads more outfit of the day posts, as those posts are definitely one of my favourites to do. I hope it covers a really big variety of posts and that it continues to make me really proud.
P.s: Just wanted to quickly say, thanks so much to everyone from people just passing through my blog to those who have commented. Everyone has made my blogging experience so awesome so far. I can't wait to continue blogging again next year. :)

*I tag every blogger to take part in this tag.*

I don't think I'll be posting again until after the new year so I hope you all have a fantastic new year and that 2013 is a good one for you!




"Excuse Me Ma'am, Do You Have The Time?" | Christmas Gift.

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Hey beauts,
I wanted to show you another Christmas gift that I received. This beautiful watch was given to me by my older sister. She got both me and Ally watches but both are quite different, Ally's has more numbers on than mine and doesn't have any diamante's on it.  

I never actually told my sister what I wanted for Christmas and was so surprised when I unwrapped my present to see this beauty of a watch. A few weeks ago I'd been searching online for the perfect watch. The Michael Kors ones have really taken my fancy but are fairly pricey.

I love this because it's just simple and the fact that it's black leather means it will go perfectly with any outfit. I am trying to wear more accessories and I think watches are great for adding something a little extra to your look. I generally can't wait until I next go out so that I can wear this. 

I want to start doing more outfit of the day posts, so look out for those coming soon and I'm sure you'll see my wearing this bad boy in the pictures. :)

Did you get a watch for Christmas?



Elle Perfume | By Virtual Brands.❤

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Hey lovelies,
I can't believe Christmas is officially over. :( I really enjoyed this Christmas very much, relaxing at home with the family and eating the yummiest Christmas dinner ever... nom. The only thing I didn't like is the fact that I had/still have a cold, other than that I was very pleased with the presents I got from my mum and older sister and even though I actually didn't say what I wanted this year they still managed to get me everything I would've wanted anyway, haha.

My mum got me this perfume called "Elle" I've never seen/heard of it before but it smells absolutely gorgeous. The smell definitely isn't too strong either, perfumes with such strong smells give me a bad headache. I think the packaging for it is so cute and is just very simple. When I opened it I was super grateful but just kept thinking "please smell good, please smell good." and it seriously did not disappoint.

I haven't had a good perfume in ages so this was just perfect. The perfume is described as "Feminine and modern, young and unpredictable, joyful and unique, this is how we would define the girl who wears this perfume. The joy brought by pink berries and lychee, on a heart note of vetiver and cedar, is unexpectedly combined with a vibrant spicy touch." I really do agree with this so much because it just has that really girly flowery smell to it and you can just smell that touch of spice added to it. I really like how this is a perfume that you can wear all the time, it doesn't have one of those 'you spray it on special occasions' type smells. I really want to start a big perfume collection up too.

                           Thanks again to my mum for getting me this beauty! :)

                        Did you get any perfumes for Christmas? If so, which ones?



Pick Of The Week: Topshop Boots & Hi Tops.#5 + Happy Christmas.❤

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Hey beauts,
I just wanted to get a quick post in because I know I probably won't be posting again until after Christmas. I just wanted to show you some footwear from Topshop that I've really had my eyes on this week. Once again I could't pick just one thing, haha.

Today's pick of the week:

This week me & Ally were discussing that we really wanted to treat ourselves to some new boots early in the new year. I had a little look around a few online shops but out of everything these bad boys from Topshop really caught my eye. I already own a pair of Chelsea Boots from Fashion Union so I wanted something just a tad different. I love the cut out and buckle, just makes it so unique. At £75 the boots are quite pricey but the reviews I've seen are really good so, why not?

Pretty much the world and their cat has been talking about the wedge hi tops that you can get from quite a few stores. At first I have to admit I wasn't so keen on the look of them but I don't know what it is but these past few weeks I've seen people do posts on their own pair/see some pairs in real life and they've really taken my fancy. I do love a good pair of trainers. I think Topshop have two other designs that you can go for. At £45 I think these are a really good price and I just want a pair right now. 

What do you think of each of them?

Just wanted to quickly say that I hope you all have an absolute lovely time this Christmas and just enjoy it very much with all your loved ones by your side. Can't wait to see everyone's posts on what they get!

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Merry Christmas!



December Wishlist.❤

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Wishlist New. <3

                                                                  Hey lovelies, 
First off, if you follow me on Twitter then you'll know I am a massive Made In Chelsea fan... I am literally sat in shock at the preview for next weeks Christmas episode. Did you see how hard Millie slapped Spenny? oh my goodness, cannot contain my actual excitement for Christmas eve now as obviously it's the day before Christmas and now obviously Made In Chelsea. Enough Made In Chelsea talk for now. ;)

                                                  1 & 2 Topshop Tee Dresses: 
I'm sureverybody pretty much either owns one of these two dresses (or something similar) or saw that they were such a big hit in the summer. I still don't know why I don't own any of them as I love dresses and especially being able to wear them with a pair of boots and tights and for those colder days just throwing a jumper over the top of it. I really hope by summer 2013 that I'll finally own one of these gorgeous tee dresses. 

                                                       Black Doc Martens: 
I am really loving boots at the moment. I just love the way they basically go with everything and are just easy to throw on. I currently have a few pairs of Doc Martens that I really want on my wishlist but I think just starting off with a nice simple black pair will be the best way to go.

                                                       4 Light Wash Denim Jacket:
This denim jacket is more for the summer but I just had to include it now as it's such a beauty. It's way too cold to wear it now but as soon as the weather starts to heat up, you won't be able to get me out of this jacket, haha.

                                                               5 Green Creepers:
I've literally had my black creepers glued to my feet since getting them last month. I am already on the lookout for my next pair. I decided that I wanted to go for something a little bit more 'daring' even though some would say dark green isn't the most daring colour but I am used to always wearing black footwear so this is quite a change.

                                                       6 & 7 Topshop Nail Polishes:
I'm pretty sure from my first ever wishlist I've always had a Topshop polish or two on it. The other day while in Topshop on Oxford Street I came across their whole range of polishes and at that moment I knew that I needed to get a move on and finally purchase one. I literally known they are so worth the price and have such a great selection. 

                                                              8 Satchel:
I am not actually fussed about what colour I get but all I know is I need a satchel in my life. I've had two previous ones from Primark but after a while they broke. :( I am really loving the small ones at the moment and think they are perfect for when you are only carrying a small amount of things on a day/night out.

                                                                 9 Topshop Robin Tee:
I saw this cute little t-shirt while having a little browse on the Topshop website. I honestly don't own many shirts and think this one is super cute and would go perfectly with a blazer and jeans or a skirt and tights.

                                                 What's one thing on your wishlist right now?

                                 Can't believe there's less than a week to go until Christmas, eep!

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New Look | Christmas Party Bloggers Competition.

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Hey beauts,
New Look currently have a bloggers competition on at the moment where you pick which body shape you are from the keys ones which are: Pear-Shape, Straight Up& Down, Apple, Plus-Size And Hour Glass and make a Christmas party outfit for yourself that stands out from the rest. New Look will then pick the best outfits from each of the five body shapes and each person will win an £100 New Look voucher, definitely good for those January sales. ;) You can see the rules + how to enter HERE I went with 'plus size.'

                                                                            Cream Fur Collar Herringbone Coat - £59.99

                                                                     Black Ankle Strap Platform Heels £19.99

When picking the perfect dress for the Christmas party you have to of course think about the most important things like will this dress look fabulous on me AND er, will I be able to break it down to Gangnam Style in this? ;) I went with this dress as it just ticks all the right boxes. Everyone has their own opinions on what certain, even if not their own body shapes should wear. For me I wouldn't want to buy a dress that yes would probably suck up all the bits that I don't like but make me feel really uncomfortable in. I just went with this dress as it looks like it'll get me at the rights places. I love how the sides and the back of the dress is black as black is obviously a very slimming colour. The burgundy/deep red down the front is so on trend right now and I love the peplum detailing round the sides. All in all I think this dress is perfect, doesn't expose too much but will still look fab *you don't need to show a lot of flesh to have a good time. ;)* I also chose a simple black clutch, black heels and a very comfy looking jacket from the New Look website.



Guest Post | DUO Boots Festive Season Footwear!

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                                                             Let the Festive Season begin! 
As it is getting so close to Christmas, it is about time to start thinking and planning your outfits to celebrate this festive time!  Here are some tips for these important dates: 
                                                                                               Christmas Party 
Everyone enjoys a good celebration with friends and especially when it has a theme and the Christmas theme never disappoints! Christmas parties are always a great way to end the year and gather together to discuss all the good times. When choosing an outfit for the occasion, it is easy to forget about the shoes and leave them till the last minute. However, a good comfortable pair of shoes will make your evening that much better especially when it completes your outfit and adds that Christmassy touch to it. So this Christmas, why not go for a pair of mid-heel red suede Mary Jane with velvet bow tie! They are very festive! 

                                                                                              Christmas Day 
All the presents are unwrapped, the family is all settling down for everyone’s favourite Christmas Dinner so why not give a pair of black low-wedge pumps a go? These suede shoes will make you feel comfortable at the table, yet make you feel glamorous and very merry! 

                                                                                               Boxing Day 
It is a great day to relax after the celebrations in the past week, but it is also a great day to catch up with friends and family and get out of the house. Feeling cosy is the number one rule this Christmas season, so a pair of fur rubber wedges will just do the trick. The fur trim adds that cute touch to the boots and the wedge will make it comfortable and easy to walk in this winter weather.  No matter what the occasion is, to ensure your outfit is fully complete and you feel glamorous yet comfortableyou should think about a variety of different ladies boots out there, which will make your Christmas special!

This fantastic guest post was written by Alexa who is currently doing online marketing work on behalf of DUO Boots. I was so delighted when she said she'd do a guest post on here and she really did an amazing job. I am really loving festive posts at the moment so I am glad Alexa picked some of her favourite footwear from DUO Boots that you can wear around the festive period. I also really liked these Harrington black and leopard print wedges from the site. Also perfect for the festive season and quite similar to the pumps Alexa picked out, these Hailey flat pumps for those of you not wanting to wear anything high on their feet. 

I'll leave the link below to the DUO Boots website/their Twitter, Blog & Facebook page. I've seen their website and am seriously loving the bits on there. Also, if you are looking for a possible Christmas present then definitely check out the site. Thanks so much again to Alexa for this guest post!

                                                      Website: DUO Boots Website. 
                                                       Twitter: DUO Boots Twitter.
                                                       Facebook: DUO Boots Facebook.
                                                       Blog: DUO Boots Blog.



Pick Of The Week: Lauren Conrad's Style & Beauty Books.#4

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                                                                       Hey lovelies,
I haven't done a pick of the week in what feels like forever. I've chosen to be cheeky and actually pick two things. As some of you may know I love Lauren Conrad lots and lots, I have done since I was that 10 year old girl in year 5 watching her in Laguna Beach and calling her 'LC' because I thought I was so cool to 2010 when I cried because the Hills had come to an end *I still miss it :(* I've mentioned my love for her quite a few times on here but I don't think I've mentioned much about some of the books that she has out which I desperately need to get my hands on.

                                                             Today's pick of the week:

I've seen a few bloggers reviews on these books and I literally haven't seen a bad word been said. One thing I keep seeing people say is that these books are really good for people kind of wanting to get more into makeup or wanting tips on what kind of style they want to dress in and I feel that these books are totally what I have been looking for. I only really got into the whole fashion and makeup side of life when I started this blog back in February and even though I like the changes I've made like actually putting effort into what I wear/put on my face, it still would be so helpful to me to get more tips that would really help me out, plus who better to teach me then one of my favourite people. I also love the fact that Lauren is a blogger herself (check out her blog HERE) so I just feel that this book is really good from blogger to blogger. Hoping that Santa brings me these books as I am so excited to have a good read of them and even if I don't get them for Christmas I'll definitely be ordering them online. I'm not sure exactly if you can get these from UK shops but I know Amazon sell these books for really good prices! :)

Have you heard about these books?/would you purchase them?

P:S Congrats to my twin sister Ally on reaching 100 followers, Whoop!

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OOTD: Tell them what I hoped would be Impossible.♥

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Blazer - Asos Market Place/ Top - Primark/ Skirt - Asos/ Leggings - Primark/ Creepers - eBay/ Headband - Primark

Hey beauts,
I love doing outfit of the day posts but for some reason I always seem to take these long gaps from doing them, I guess that's down to not having time to take any photos and it getting dark so quickly here in the UK. 

Anyway, this is just a quick post to show you what I wore to college today. I just quite liked this outfit a lot today and wanted to share it with you all. Some I guess would say I'm mad for wearing a skirt in this freezing weather but me and Ally seem to wear skirts all year round, I just put on some tights and leggings over the top and I am pretty warm throughout the day. I wasn't too sure at first whether to wear the blazer and top together as they both have patterns on them that really stand out but once I'd seen how they looked together I actually really liked it. Sorry to say, but you'll probably being seeing lots more posts with me wearing this blazer, too in love with it to stop wearing it. ;)

I can't stop wearing headbands... I've literally got an obsession. I've actually got a post coming up soon on some lovely headbands I received. I don't always have good days with my outfits for college but I actually think today wasn't one of those days! my blazer makes me feel so festive. 

Song In Title: Shontelle/James Arthur - Impossible. So happy that James won the X Factor last night, whoop whoop. 

Have a lovely week! :)

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My Christmas Lips.❤

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                                                                     Hey lovelies,
There are literally THREE FREAKIN' WEEKS left until Christmas. I am SO excited. I love this time of year and getting into the festive spirit. Today was an even better day because it snowed in London. I hope that it actually snows on Christmas day! so, I've seen so many bloggers Christmas posts and all of them are just amazing and get me super excited. I thought to myself that I haven't even written a proper Christmas post yet so here is my first post.

               I've created my own 'Christmas lips' here are the two products I used to get this look:
I got this lip gloss by Artistry in my goodie bag from the Goddiva event last Thursday. I am a big fan of lip glosses but I haven't really been wearing any this winter as lipsticks have really taken my fancy at the moment. At the Pop Couture event I went to a few weeks ago, the makeup artist at the event gave me dark glitter lips and I liked it so I sort of wanted to recreate it on my own.  
For the glitter affect I decided to use my Barry M 'Dazzle Dust' even though it's more for the features on your face rather than your lips. Anyone wanting to try this look out I suggest you purchase a glitter that you can use on your lips too, just to be on the safe side. :) 

Before applying the dazzle dust, just the lip gloss on my lips: 
I absolutely love this lip gloss. It isn't too much on the lips and even though you can't see properly in the photos it does have bits of glitter in it but obviously I wanted to add something more so that's why I added more glitter. 

After applying dazzle dust to the lip gloss:
I really didn't think it would turn out like this, I really do love it. It turned into a gold colour and I think this would be perfect for Christmas parities and Christmas day. It's literally so simple to recreate this look! 

I know that the lip gloss is expensive but it has such great lasting power and it really does give your lips such a great shine. Obviously there are other alternatives, just go to a local store or look online and find a good lip gloss. I'd say red/nude colours will really help to bring out the best in the glitter. 

What do you think of my lips?